Customer Testimonials

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A satisfied customer with Rusty Strap Red Python Black Stitch on his Panerai 61

"The red python looks good so far on the 61"

Another satisfied customer in USA with his purchase of Orange Lizard (belly cut) size 26/26 125/75

"Rus, I got the orange lizard strap in the mail yesterday and got it on the watch last night. It looks great! I got a little nervous trying to do it at home, so went to the dealer and my friend there let me use their tools. Apparently new Radiomirs have 1.2mm screws instead of the 1.4mm I was led to believe. Anyway, I'm very happy with it, good quality and goes well with the style. Sorry I'm just not patient enough to wait for a custom but I will keep an eye on your future readymade options. Although I'm okay with the straight 26mm strap, I think I'll try looking for ones in the future that taper to either 24 or 22."
A customer in Netherlands ordered a custom made laptop sleeve for his HP Elitebook 2540P.  The laptop sleeve measurement is 24 x 28.2 x 3.2 cm.  Inside the laptop, it has two compartments, one is for the laptop and the other is to store pens and business cards.

"Allright! The bag came today and it is absolutely beautiful and worth the wait. Thanks Rus!"

One happy customer sent me a wrist shot of his new Rusty Straps Crown Full Pearl Stingray Strap with his vintage Breitling Top Time

Another satisfied customer testimonials from TX, USA.
"Wearing the strap now! Perfect on a Glycine Incursore power reserve - the red stitch pulls the red accents out perfectly! Nice workmanship, a little stiff, but I think that's due to the lizard hide. I really like the fact that you are in the USA as shipping was fast. I'll be contacting you in the future for more straps, especially as my gf is getting a 40mm PAM49 white dial for Xmas."

Another satisfied customer in Indonesia. "Already received the straps, all in exact condition as described!" PAM 335 with Maroon Red Stingray Rusty Strap and Green Full Pearl Stingray Rusty Straps.

A customer in Austria is happy with Rusty Straps White Belly Lizard that he commisioned for his wife.

One customer in Australia requested to custom made an Orange Lizard and match all three of his personal items, HTC Desire Phone Pouch, Omega Polprof, and men wallet.  Here are all the pictures of them together.

"Rusty is one of the best strap makers anywhere. I just received my Orange Leather Lizard strap from Rus and the workmanship is the best I have seen. Rusty also made me a Phone pouch for my HTC Desire and a matching Wallet (Boy did I have some explaining to the missus to do). Seriously you wont be dissapointed. Email me if you want to see some pics on the Polprof on the Lizard strap."

One Canadian customer requested to custom made his Rusty Straps in Natural Havana Brown Color and Rusty iPhone 4 case to match his boots.  Here is the picture of them all together.

"The color is closer in real lighting, I think that once the shine comes off a bit things will be almost perfect match."

One Thai customer bought two ammo straps and a nubuck calf.

For Nubuck Calf
"A new strap in my collection is Rusty nubuck calf. This calf-skin finish is even more unique, while it has soft and supple and very light weight. You can see how it looks mounted on my PAM318, and very clean and fresh really well appearance. I have liked it for these summer days, even though sweat seems to make the underside a bit unsightly. Rusty Straps are priced very reasonably, especially for this strap very cheap"

For Ammo Strap
"Hi Risti
I would like to share my experience, normally the Swiss Ammo strap are quite stiff and not comfortable to wear. The Rusty Swiss Ammo Strap is quite unlike other Swiss ammo straps that I’ve bought before (except Septimus strap). Last April I met Rus in Bangkok, he was during vacation for Water splashing festival. I saw him wearing the Swiss ammo strap, I feel love it right away at first sight and I know that this strap difference from the others after I tried. The strap is good combination, there is both supple and rigid, cause comfortable to wear and perfect for my wrist. Finally I bought that strap from him. After that I had order the next strap from him, Swiss ammo strap again!"

One customer in Southern California bought a combo of wallets and Crown Full Pearl Stingray strap. Below is his testimony

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the straps and wallets today. Perfect fit on the straps even the blue one. The wallets are also great, they are going to be gifts for my mom and dad. One thing though, the pearl on the blue is hitting my Panerai's case and scratching it so I decided to use it on a different watch and it looks and fits great."

One customer in USA mounted his custom made Half Pearl Stingray Strap in black on a Titanium cased Habring COS Chrono with a grey dial.

"Strap arrived this afternoon- already mounted and looks great! One hole punched, total custom fit- love it. The grey stingray with the pearls sets off the dial and Ti case perfectly."

One customer in California, USA ordered a Half Pearl Stingray Strap to put on his Chronoswiss Timemaster.

"Look what i just got! You sir are truly a master !! And exceeded my expections. I ll have to wait till tomorrow to try it on, no tools here.  I am very happy. My wife like the strap as well. Thank You Rus, wow!"

One customer in France ordered a Basic Stingray black strap and put it on his Radiomir

"Strap received this morning, it is wonderful. The colour I received is exactly what I wanted. I am very, very, very pleased with this one. About padding, it is perfect for me and the single hole I do on the strap. Thick is perfect, not too important and just as I like. Thanks a lot"

Another customer in USA ordered a Crown Full Pearl Stingray Strap to put on his Panerai Radiomir 232 along with matching wallet

"The wallet is in my pocket (when I am not showing it off). I really like the matching strap and wallet. Thanks."

Another customer in USA ordered a special custom made Half Pearl stingray for his B&R watch
"Very nice strap thanks. They are awesome."