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Please go to Rusty Collections online store at rustycase.com to buy your iPhone case directly. Rusty Collections accept credit card payment with Paypal.

For any questions and inquiries, please email me at rustycollections@gmail.com

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Rusty Straps
Rusty Phone Case
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Below is the information on how to order.

Rusty Phone Case

Please email me at rustycollections@gmail.com to order. Please specify the following when you are ordering Rusty Phone Case

Python Leather Phone Pouch
* color you are interested in (Rusty Color Chart)
* phones model you are making the pouches for (I can make any pouch for any phone, however the ones I have tested and guaranteed to fit perfectly are the Blackberrys and iPhones). I can make one based on the phone size information I gather from the makers official website.
* quantity of pouch

Python Leather Phone Case
* color you are interested in (Rusty Color Chart)
* phones model you are making the pouches for (Only iPhones 4, Blackberry Torch 9800/9810, Blackberry Bold 9700/9780)
* Snap on case with or without front cover
* quantity of pouch

It will help in speed up your order.

Rusty Straps

Please email me at rustycollections@gmail.com

All prices are included free shipping within USA using USPS First Class Parcel Mail. I can ship anywhere in the world, don't worry. :)

All strap order comes with a customized box that is beautiful and elegant. The box can be used to fit your new strap and also can store your watch. The box is designed with you in mind.

New box with integrated cover

New box when it's open.

Comparison old box and new box

How the box can fit a big watch comfortably. Example is Panerai 372 with 47 mm case.

The box can be your travel box for your straps and it can also fit up to four straps comfortably as well.

For payment options, I accept Paypal and direct transfer to Citi or Bank of America account.

For orders, please send email to rustycollections@gmail.com

I can also make the strap to any other watch as well like B&R, IWC, Omega, Rolex, TAG Heuer, etc. Please let me know the correct measurement and it can be made to your specification. All straps are customizable to your needs, any size, type, stitch color can be made to your specifications. Please let me know what you like and I am sure your request can be fullfilled.

Buckles (18, 20, 22, 24, 26 mm) are also available at an additional US$10 for a spring bar buckle, US$15 for a screw in buckle, and US$20 for a sewn in buckle. For 20 to 26 mm buckle options, I have a Pre V style in brushed, PVD, and polished finish. For 18 mm buckle options, only the thumbnail style is available. For 24 mm sewn in buckle, currently the only options are Pre V style in brushed and polished finish, and PVD black flat buckle. For 26 mm sewn in buckle, currently the only options are Pre V style in brushed and polished finish, and GPF MOD DEP flat buckle.

For keeper, it can be ordered with a single large floating keeper, or two keepers, one floating and one fixed keeper similar to the OEM spec, or two floating keepers.

My regular size is 125/75 in length, 4 mm in thickness, and 24/24 and 26/26 in length as this is the right size for medium size wrist (about 7 inch) with enough tail.  Ordering a regular size will take less time to finish your order, usually up to 4 weeks to finish your order.  However I can also make a customized order to your specification.  It will take a longer time, up to 5 weeks, to finish your order.

Below is the size that most customers are interested in.  Like I mention earlier, I can make any size as you wish.

Color and size can be customized to any of the following combination.

The short strap end (the one with the buckle): 75, 80, 85, 90

The long strap end (the one punched with holes): 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 155

The width: (18/18, 20/20, 22/22 only comes with 125/75), 24/24 or 26/26

The thickness: 4 mm (but if you want a thicker or thinner strap, please specify upon placing order)

For your information, please see below the reference measurement on the strap so it can fit your wrist perfectly

6.0" - 6.24" (15 cm - 15.9 cm) = 75 - 120
6.25" - 6.9 (16 cm - 17.5 cm) = 75 - 125
7.0" - 7.4" (17.6 cm - 18.9 cm) = 80 - 130
7.5" - 7.9" (18.9 cm - 20 cm) = 85 - 135
8.0" - 8.4" (20.1 cm - 21.3 cm) = 90 - 140
8.5" - 9.0" (21.4 cm - 23 cm) = 100 - 150


(For stingray)

This is a totally custom-to-order strap and it will be made to your specific request. Standard colors for stingray hide are black, blue, baby blue, brown, grey, green, red, and maroon red. All stingray straps are polished and virtually scratch resistant.

(For ammo calf, crocs, python, and lizard)

Availability and colors are depending on the hide we receive. It’s a limited run, so once the hide is finished, then it’s gone.

Custom orders can take up to a month to make (normally it's three weeks but please expect a month to make one). Strap is about 4 mm thickness.

To order, please fill in below order sheet

All strap order does not come with buckles, screws, and/or tubes at this point. Buckles are optional. Screws and tubes are not available to be purchase now.

Model / Style: (A, B, C for Stingray), Crocs (Hornback/Belly), Python (polished/non polished), Ammo Calf (Light Brown/Dark Brown), Lizard.

Size (width): (24 or 26 with specific length) (18/18, 20/20, 22/22 are available only with 125/75)

Size (length): (any combination of 75, 80, 85, 90/125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 155)

Hole: (No hole, standard 5 holes, or any number of hole per your request i.e 60 mm means the distance of the hole is 60 mm from the lug end of the strap, so please be specific of number and distance of the hole(s). If this is not specified, then strap will ship with standard 5 holes per OEM Panerai measurement. OEM Panerai measurement is 48 mm from lug end to first hole, then 7 mm distance between holes.)

Strap thickness: 4 mm (this is standard, but if you want a thicker or thinner, please specify upon placing order)

Strap Color: (black, blue, baby blue, brown, grey, green, red, and maroon red for stingray) N/A for others

Stitch Color: (black, white, tan, dark brown as of now. More will be added)

Stitch Style: Open/Close/Stitchless. Please look at the lug end of the strap for reference. Stingray strap is stitchless only.

Full stitched or open style is

Full boxed stitched or closed style is

Stitchless is


Model: Stingray Model B
Size (width): 26/26
Size (length): 125/75
Hole: standard OEM Panerai 5 holes
Strap Thickness: 4 mm
Strap Color: Black.
Stitch Color: Black.
Stitch Style: Open.

Rusty Wallet

Please email me at rustycollections@gmail.com to order.

Custom Order Men Wallet

There are 2 wallet models you can choose from if you want to make a custom wallet

A. Men Wallet Model A - full credit card slot

This wallet has about 6 credit card slots (3 on each side) or 8 credit card slots (4 on each side) depending on the height of the wallet. It also has 2 side pockets and one money compartment.

Men Wallet Model A

B. Men Wallet Model B - picture ID and credit card slots

This is the model where you have one clear cover for picture ID on one side, and the other side has 3-4 credit card slots. It also has 2 side pockets and one money compartment.

Both model A and B can come with optional exterior slip on with leather that match the exterior of your wallet.

Guidelines of custom order a men wallet:

1. Pick the wallet model you want (Men Wallet Model A - full credit card slots OR Men Wallet Model B - one picture ID on one side with credit card slot on the other side).

A. if you would like to make a custom size, please let me know your dimension. Otherwise, usually I make standard men size that can fit USA dollar bill. Dimension of standard men size is width of 11 cm (4.3 inch) in closed folded position, height of 8.7 cm (3.4 inch), with thickness of 0.8 cm (0.3 inch).

2. Pick the outer leather material of your choice: cobra, python, or lizard.  The finishing is usually glossy (polished), but if you want a non glossy (non polished) finish, please let me know.

3. Pick the color of the leather.  Please go to Rusty Color Chart to choose.

4. Pick the inner leather material.  You have a choice between full leather inside out (same as your outer leather of cobra, python, or lizard) OR you can have a soft calf leather in black.

Inner full matching leather

Inner soft calf leather in black

5. If you want a custom ordered wallet to your liking that is not listed here, please email me at rustycollections@gmail.com with your custom specification and I will let you know if it can be made. :)