Rusty Color Chart

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Below is all the available color. These colors can be ordered for any type of Rusty Collections items (phone case, watch straps, handbag, wallet, notebook case, tablet case, passport cover)

For Lizard, below is the color chart

From left to right is Black, Dark Blue, Orange, and Pumpkin Orange.


Pumpkin Orange


Dark Blue

For Lizard with lizard skin pattern, there are two colors, Red/Black and Orange/Black

Below are the color. On top is Orange/Black and on bottom is Red/Black.

Below is the color chart for python leather

I. Pastel Color

a. Pink Melody

Below is the scan picture of Pink Melody using a color scanner

b. Brilliant Orange

Below is the scan picture of Brilliant Orange using a color scanner

c. Chilli Red

Below is the scan picture of Chilli Red using a color scanner

d. Midnight Blue

Below is the scan picture of Midnight Blue using a color scanner

e. Dark Knight

f. Turquoise Blue

Below is the scan picture of Turquoise Blue using a color scanner

g. Light Brown

II. Natural Python

For Natural Python, please be aware the skin motives on the pouch will not be the exact same as in pictures due to its python natural skin motives that are different from one python to another (just like our finger print, it's unique from one person to another), but be assured that the color (white natural, havana brown) will be the exact same, but the motives would be different.

a. Havana Brown

b. Natural White