Rusty Handbag

Note: if you want to order bulk or create your own product lineup, Rusty Collections offer a complete solution consists of your own customized packaging box, your own brand name inside your product, your own dust bag, all are customized to your design and liking. Please inquire at for more details.

Rusty Collections can also make that famous designer bag that you want but getting outpriced. As long as I can get enough pictures and dimension (which usually are specified in the designer website), I am able to re create that model you craving to the color of your choice.

Rusty Collections is offering handbag for those discriminate consumers who want a genuine python leather handbag without the big brand price. This handbag is 100% handmade with great attention to details and craftmanship.

At Rusty Collections, customization is our bread and butter. You are welcome to customize the bag to any color or size as you wish.

Below are few samples of the handbag

New Robecca Clutch

Inspired by the new line of Bottega handbag, the new Robecca Clutch is born.  It's a two compartments clutch with the optional chain. 

Retail price for Robecca Clutch is US$219.
The size is 21 cm W x 15 cm H x 3 cm (8.3 inch W x 6 inch H x 1.2 inch D).  The outer compartment has a pocket that can fit your mobile phone. 

Chain can be customized to any length, therefore the clutch can be fitted to your height.  The chain can also be taken off as well.

Clutch in closed position

Access to outer compartment is by opening the first flap

 Access to inner compartment by opening the inner flap

The bottom of the clutch

The mobile phone compartment on the outer compartment

The new Eudora clutch

Size is Width of 28 cm (11 inch) x Height 17.5 cm (6.8 inch) in folded position.  When the clutch is open, the height is 29 cm (11.4 inch). Clutch is customizable to any color.

Retail price for Eudora Clutch is US$219.

Below is shown in dual color of Natural White stripe on Black python.  The chain is match to the Natural White color.

A look of the inside of the Eudora Clutch

On the second color, it's a Briliant Orange color.  The chain is also customize to match the Eudora clutch color.

The all New Michele Bag

The Michele Handbag is designed with durability in mind. The stiff wall ensures that the bag will keep its shape and protect the content inside the bag. It has 4 small metal footings on the bottom as well.

As always, with Rusty Handbag, bag can be customized to any colors you wish, whether it's a solid color, Natural color (Natural means with snake pattern), or two stripes color combination.

Retail price for Michele Bag is US$549. Please take advantage of this price.

Size is Width of 30 cm (12 inch) with Height of 19 cm (7.5 inch) and Depth of 9.5 cm (3.74 inch) to 10 cm (3.94 inch).

As for the inside, it has a zip pockets is flang by two compartments.

Janet Handbag

This is a nice Janet handbag made out of natural white python in the middle stripe and joined by polished Midnight Blue python.  Interior has 2 compartments separated by a zipper pocket to store your valuables.

Handles are wrapped by genuine python leather as well for luxurious looks and feel.

This handbag dimension is 42 cm (16.5 inch) width * 27 cm (10.6 inch) height * 14 cm (5.5 inch) depth.

Retail price is US$549. Please take advantage of this price.


Casablanca bag

This luxurious bag is made with a clip on top to close the bag.  Inside the bag, there is only one big compartment with a small zipper pocket.

The dimension of this bag is 30 cm (12 inch) width * 23 cm ( inch) height * 12 cm ( inch) depth



Inside - Front

Inside - Back